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Is It Illegal to Ride a Bicycle Without Reflectors?

Many people enjoy riding bicycles for daily transportation, exercise, or simply the pleasure of it. Bicycling can be a very relaxing activity and an efficient means of travel. However, there are several laws bicyclists must be aware of to ride safely and legally on our highways. One of the most important is the law concerning reflectors.
bicycle compliant with bike reflectors law

Nevada Bike Reflectors Law

According to Nevada law, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without reflectors. In fact, the law requires reflectors in three places: a reflector in the rear (that must be red) and a reflector on each side. These reflectors must be large enough and produce enough light to be visible from 500 feet when in front of a vehicle’s lower headlights. Also, bicycles are required to have a white headlight that will allow them to be seen from a distance of 500 feet.


Sharing the Road With Other Vehicles

As a bicyclist, you share the road with cars and other vehicles that are much larger and faster than your bicycle. State law requires that a minimum distance of three feet be maintained across the width of the lane between a bicycle and any cars near them when traveling on a two-lane road. On a multi-lane road, a bicycle is allowed the full width of a lane. If there is a designated bicycle lane or a shoulder on the road, the bike should travel there rather than in the lanes of traffic. Bicyclists are also allowed to travel on sidewalks if the city allows it.

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Why Helmets Are Required and Other Relevant Information

Nevada state law does not require bicyclists to wear a helmet. However, helmets are strongly recommended as they significantly reduce the chances of severe injury or death if the rider is involved in a bicycle accident. Cyclists should also be aware that they can be charged with traffic violations if they are not following applicable laws. Bright or reflective clothing is advised to enable others on the roads to see you. Riders should also not allow themselves to be distracted; earphones should not be worn while riding, and cell phones should be put away while riding. If you must make a call, get off the road and stop so that you can do it safely. These are just a few of the laws bicyclists are required to follow and should be familiar with before riding.


Accidents Can Occur Even with Bike Reflectors

Even when you follow the law carefully and ride safely, bicycle accidents can happen. A driver may not react to your presence in time to avoid you; conditions on the road may suddenly change and cause you to have difficulty reacting to your surroundings. Even though a bicycle is not considered a vehicle, you still have rights if you are injured in an accident. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, you should consult with a Nevada bicycle accident lawyer. At Dunkley Law, we provide consultation and guidance for accident-related injury cases.


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