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Henderson Dog Bite Lawyer

dog bite lawyer

Insurance companies will try to settle a dog bite case before the victim has even assessed damages, losses or knows the full extent of their injuries. At Dunkley Injury Law, your dog bite lawyer will help you deal with these circumstances.

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To protect your rights, don’t deal with the insurance company by yourself. Through helping countless individuals like yourself throughout Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley, we know what questions to ask and what evidence to collect.

Let us deal with the insurance companies, so that you can focus on getting better and taking care of your family.

Dogs are very popular pets in all areas of the country, with countless individuals adopting them for companionship. Most dogs serve the purpose of acting as a friendly companion for yourself or your family and don’t pose any serious problems.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are completely safe to be around, especially for small children.


When to call a dog bite lawyer

Some dogs can be easily provoked—for example, by a young child who doesn’t know better. If these dogs are not adequately controlled or restrained by their owners, they can inflict quite a bit of harm with their sharp bite. There is a small percentage of dogs that can even attack or bite without being provoked or harassed in any manner.

Dog Attacks can be the result of many factors, including:

  • Improperly Restrained
  • Failed to Warn About Violent Dog
  • Improperly Trained
  • Dog Allowed to Run Free

When might a dog owner be liable?

Sometimes a dog can get loose, although the owner has done everything they can to control him properly. Other times, the owner may be completely negligent. Those are the instances when one is often entitled to a settlement of sorts.

The truth of the matter is that if dog owners were ultimately responsible for their pets, most dog injury accidents could be prevented. It is one thing if a dog has bitten you, but it becomes a more serious matter if your young child has been injured as a result of negligence.

We understand that you may be reluctant to take legal action, especially if the owner is someone you know, but you deserve compensation to help cover the medical bills and the suffering. Call our office today at 702-413-6565 to set up an appointment!


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