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Henderson Bicycle Accident Lawyer

bicycle accident lawyer

Bikes accidents are common on the busy roads out here in Henderson.  At Dunkley Injury Law, your bicycle accident lawyer will help you deal with these circumstances.

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Common Bike Accident Occurrences

Bike accidents lead to serious injuries, especially if the cyclist is not wearing protective gear. Statistics show that one-third of bicycle accidents result from collisions between a car and bike.

  • Up to one million kids get injured annually because of bike related accidents.
  • Every 6 hours, a cyclist is seriously injured
  • 75 percent of bike accidents lead to head injuries

Common collisions between a cyclist and motorist include:

  • When a driver turns in front of a cyclist
  • When a driver enters traffic from a parking spot/driveway in front of a biker
  • When a driver fails to yield to an intersection or runs a traffic light or stop sign
  • When a driver fails to look both sides when driving
  • When a driver is inattentive or is inhibited by alcohol or drugs

How Your Bicycle Accident Lawyer Determines Negligence

When a biker wants to recover damages because of the injuries they have sustained from an accident with a vehicle, the outcome of the law suit will depend on two factors:

  • Was the accident caused by driver negligence and result in the cyclist’s injuries?
  • Was the cyclist negligent in any way and did it, however minor, lead to the accident?

The negligence of a driver can be in many different forms. For instance, running a stop sign, speeding or moving into a bicycle lane all point to neglect. When suing for negligence, a cyclist has to show that the driver acted in a manner that disregarded the duty they owed to the cyclist. In motor vehicle accidents, negligence is the violation of a driver’s duty of care.


Rules That Vehicles and Cyclists in Henderson Should Observe

  • Yield to pedestrians; obey traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Bicycles should have a headlight for use during the night.
  • Cyclists should also wear reflectors so that cars can identify the bike at night.
  • Bicycles should ride with the traffic flow and not against it.
  • Motorists and cyclists should ensure that their brake systems are functioning properly.
  • Motorists and cyclists should not bear more passengers that the recommended minimum.
  • Cyclists should travel in the bike lane or at the far right of any road.
  • Cyclists should use a signal to show they are turning.

Getting involved in a bicycle accident is very dangerous especially if it involves a motor vehicle. In case you are involved in a bike accident, you need to consult an attorney for the evaluation of your case and to get compensated for your injuries. At Dunkley Law, we offer assistance to injured cyclists throughout Henderson and the Vegas valley.

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